About Us

Not Everyone knows our story so this page is an attempt to fill you all in.


Shajarie and I have know each other for some time now. Since High School actually. We had a puppy love thing going on for a couple of years dating on and off but for some reason we couldn't keep away from each other.


I guess the time just wasn't right before. We were both at school and I was in Belize City. So, the relationship remained a casual thing till about 2 years ago.


I had just moved changed jobs and the house was as lonely as ever. Shajarie's company had just done some down sizing and she was just at home as lonely as I was. Then a moment of genius struck. "Come live with me." I said. It was a tough decision for her having rarely left her family but eventually she decided to come and it was the start of something really meaningful.


Previously our relationship has just been casual dating. Now it was becoming something more. We were really making something here. We were building a home. The house was now filled with laughter and we were happy. In no time she got a job and we started to mold a routine.